seismic.synthetics package



seismic.synthetics.synth module

Entry point for making synthetic seismograms.

seismic.synthetics.synth.synthesize_dataset(method, output_file, net, sta, src_latlon, fs, time_window, **kwargs)[source]

User function for creating a synthetic seismogram dataset of obspy streams in HDF5 format. Datasets generated can be loaded into class NetworkEventDataset.

  • method (str) – ‘propmatrix’ or ‘syngine’

  • output_file (str) – Destination file in which to write resultant streams in HDF5 format.

  • net (str) – Network code of receiver

  • sta (str) – Station code of receiver

  • src_latlon (iterable of pairs) – Iterable of source (lat, lon) locations

  • fs (float) – Sampling rate

  • time_window (tuple(float, float)) – Time window about onset. First value should be < 0, second should be > 0


Whether the dataset was successfully created.

Return type


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